Hey dog owner... I'm here for you.

If you've ever wished you could combine your therapist and your dog trainer, you've come to the right place.

If you're feeling defeated, anxious, overwhelmed, or are just generally struggling when it comes your dog -- it's time for us to connect.

 H&H coaching addresses owner mindset and emotions. We have worked with owners of challenging dogs who need ongoing support and coping skills, who need help navigating relationships with people who don't understand their dogs, or who need help making difficult decisions about their futures with their dogs.

Whatever you and your dog are dealing with, H&H is here to help.

Let's Talk

Individual Coaching

Work 1:1 with Jess to create and implement a coping plan that will help you live a more calm, balanced, and joyful life with your tough dog. Perfect for a little extra support.

Coping with Canines

A one of a kind, comprehensive hybrid program that teaches evidence-based skills alongside coaching and a supportive community for owners of challenging dogs.