Mental health for dog people.

If your dog could send you to "training", 

they'd want you to work on healing -- not heeling.

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Complex Canine Community

*Low Cost Support*

Emotional support membership program focused on the human end of the leash

Live group support calls, "Coping with Canines" mindset and regulation courses, discussion threads, resources, events...

...and more

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Individual Session Packages 

*Best Value*

Three or five 60 min sessions

Dog Owner Diary, worksheets & activities related to your goals

Six months of group support in Complex Canine Community

Cost split into monthly payments

Package Options

Single Coaching Session

*Pay What You Can*

One 45 min session

 *In order to best serve the community, pay what you can scheduling options are limited to specific times and a limit of 3 pay what you can sessions per customer

*If cost remains a barrier despite this sliding scale, please reach out

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Because dog guardians

have big feelings, too.

Evidence-based skills and compassionate support delivered by professional who truly "gets it" can help struggling dog lovers with:

  • Coping¬†with the impact of dog behavioral or health issues
  • Human¬†mindset & regulation related to dog training or relationship
  • Navigating¬†rehoming or behavioral euthanasia¬†
  • Canine-human¬†bonding, attachment, and¬†connection
  • Impact of dog-related challenges on human relationships¬†¬†
  • Social stigma related to dog behavior¬†
  • Handler confidence building¬†
  • ... and so much more!

Virginia & Tater

"I'm a first time dog owner to a reactive dog, and I found Jess at a time when I wasn't sure if I'd be served by traditional dog training or mainstream therapy.

She's the perfect combination of both. 

Jess gave me the perspective and tools I needed to start loving dog ownership.

I didn't want to waste our best years weighed down with resentment and Jess has completely turned things around for us.

My only regret is not starting sooner."


Kelli & Cosmo

"Handlers & Humans helped me change the way I think about our training journey.

Since working with Jess, my negative emotions about my dog aren’t as extreme.

When we have bad days, I am better able to recognize that our journey is not linear and I can accept the ups and downs of our training journey. I also appreciate our good moments even more.

Jess makes you feel understood and seen in a way that the rest of the world never does when you have a reactive dog.

My life has changed in that I have more hope for the future with my dog."

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