Person-Centered Dog Training

Handlers & Humans brings counseling concepts to the dog training world through a one of a kind 6 week mastermind program and private community. 

Trainers are the therapists of the dog world... and it is time they have true support in navigating the human element.

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As a dog trainer, have you ever...

  • Felt like your client is treating your training sessions like therapy?
  • Gotten stressed because of the unrealistic expectations clients put on the training process?
  • Become jaded or disheartened because you see clients not following through for their dogs?
  • Felt frustrated, anxious, or even resentful about your work with clients?
  • Been unsure of how to have difficult conversations and call clients out in a helpful way?
  • Felt alone or like you've failed because you had to make a heartbreaking recommendation for a dog?

Yeah, I REALLY get it. These things (and more!) are the EXACT challenges that I go through as a licensed therapist... and dog trainers are helping professionals too, just like me. 

I'm here to teach you the exact techniques and theories I learned in years of counseling school and clinical supervision that help helping pros hold space for clients, manage burnout, and create more opportunities for lasting change.

It's time to feel supported like the helping professional you are. 

As a therapist, I went through years of school, hours and hours of clinical supervision, and always had peer support to access when I needed help working through the challenges of being a helping professional.

Dog trainers get none of that.

Until now.

Okay but... How does Jess even know this stuff?!

Even though Handlers & Humans does not provide therapy, I AM actually a licensed therapist and professor of counseling psychology... I also happen to have spent the last 9 years immersed in the dog world trying to help my reactive dog. 

I know what you go through as a dog trainer, because I go through it too as a therapist.

The difference is, I got taught how to handle it and had immense support as I learned to navigate client challenges. 

I also know what your clients are dealing with, because I am one of them.

I was the person bringing the emotional baggage to my training sessions, and I want to help you learn how to hold space for that and help clients move through it 

You are a helping professional.

It's time you get supported like one.

Your clients are showing up to training sessions with a lot more than just their dogs. 

 You got into this work because you wanted to work with dogs, but realized quickly that you're working with humans first and foremost.

As a therapist, I went through years of school, hours and hours of clinical supervision, and always have peer support to access when I need help working through the challenges of being a helping professional.

Dog trainers get none of that.

Until now.

Person-Centered Dog Training is a one of a kind program that addresses the HUMAN side of dog training. 

 There is really nothing else like this out there for canine professionals.

You'll learn how to shift your mindset, cope with client challenges, and create sustainability in your work... all informed by the evidence-based, real life practices from Jess's mental health background.

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  • 4 Lecture Sessions
  • 2 Case Consultation Sessions
  • Worksheets & Journal
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Access to Private Community
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PCDT Summer 2023 is FULL!

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