Dog training... 

made person-centered.

Human clients often show up to training sessions with a lot more challenges than just their dogs.

 Through one of a kind, CEU-eligible online course and support community, canine professionals can learn how to be more "person-centered" -- for themselves AND their clients.

The Person-Centered Dog Training program teaches dog trainers how to:

  • Encourage client change and buy-in through connection
  • Utilize a strengths-based approach
  • Help clients cope with emotional challenges
  • Prevent and heal from¬†professional burnout
  • Identify and embody values for a sustainable business

Person-Centered Dog Training is transforming!!

The highly-acclaimed, CEU-eligible, one-of-a-kind course for dog trainers

will be available for purchase again in Fall 2024. 

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As a dog trainer, have you ever...

  • Felt like your client is treating your training sessions like therapy?
  • Gotten stressed because of the unrealistic expectations clients put on¬†the training process?
  • Become jaded or disheartened because you see clients not following through for their dogs?
  • Been unsure of how to have difficult conversations with clients¬†in an effective way?

Yeah, I really get it.

These things (and more!) are the exact challenges that therapists experience...

and trainers are the therapists of the dog world.

Miranda Hitchcock, CDBC, CBCC-KA, CPDT-KA, 

Every Dog Behavior & Training

"There's a ton of information and continuing education on techniques for working with dogs, but most of the human-centered training is minimal at best.

This course provided a ton of tools that are useful for dog pros who are working with people, including ways to actually help clients succeed.

Even more importantly, the course addressed techniques for surviving being a "helping professional" that go beyond the basics of self care.

I highly recommend this course for anyone looking for strategies to help them stay in the game long-term and do right by their clients."

Why trainers need a "Human Side Guide"

Your way of training dogs is unique to you, and your approach to human clients should be unique to you as well.

As you work through the modules of the program, you will be creating a "Human Side Guide" that is specifically tailored to YOUR dog training business and values.

The guide is a collection of procedures, reflections, concepts, techniques, and coping skills that will support the human side of your work -- that means you AND your human clients. It covers everything from preventing professional burnout, to supporting clients with big feelings. 

If you've got materials to reference for how to help dogs, you need something to reference for helping your human clients as well! 

Person-Centered Dog Training explores...

Alyssa Schafer, Tri-Dog Solutions

"The Person Centered Dog Training Course was an absolute game changer for my business!

Taking a step back from the dog training itself and learning how to relate and connect to owners gave me insight into changing my programs across the board.

Not only does Jess discuss ways to help clients really grasp what you’re offering, she also offers ways for us as trainers to prevent burn out, help us problem solve, and overall ground ourselves to better help our businesses, our team, and our clients.

Highly recommend!"

But how can a therapist help a dog trainer?!

Even though Handlers & Humans does not provide therapy, I am both a licensed therapist and former professor of counseling psychology... I also happen to have spent the last 10 years immersed in the dog world as a guardian trying to help my own reactive dog. 

I know what you go through as a dog trainer, because I go through it too as a therapist.

The difference is, I got taught how to handle it and had immense support from mentors and peers in the therapy world as I learned to navigate client challenges. 

I also know what your clients are feeling, because I was one of them.

I was the person bringing the emotional baggage into my training sessions, and struggling to help my dog because of it.

Dogs are only helped through humans... so I help dog trainers learn how to support themselves as they hold space for human and canine clients.

Chris Corbalis, Roaming Rovers

"The amount of knowledge and support before during and after the program has been nothing short of magical. 

The program helped us cultivate a variety of techniques to help ourselves as trainers, maintain mental clarity and wellbeing, as well as being able to show up for our clients needs during the training process.

With the guidance of Jess’s PCDT program, I know I have the necessary tools to take care of myself so I can continue to take care of my clients and their pups.

I would highly recommend this program to anyone looking to build a better relationship with themselves."

Individual Support for Canine Professionals

 If you are a canine professional and feel you would benefit from private, individualized support to heal from challenging experiences, explore your mindset, learn how to communicate with clients, heal from burnout, or develop the human side of your practice in an individual format -- coaching may be a fit for you!

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