This is the training your dog sends YOU to.

Handlers & Humans is bringing mental health to the dog world through one of a kind mastermind programs, engaging online courses, individualized coaching, and more... all offered by licensed therapist and reactive dog owner, Jess Adam.

If you love, live with, or train reactive, aggressive, or otherwise challenging dogs... schedule a free consult call to find out how H&H can help you cope better with tough canines.

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H&H programs teach empowering, evidence-based skills rooted the same theories and techniques used by therapists to enhance training outcomes -- whether you're the professional handler or the overwhelmed owner.

We know that living with a reactive, aggressive, or challenging dog can take a huge toll on the humans who love them. It is clear that dog training alone can't always address these very real emotional challenges.

And let's not forget that dog trainers are essentially the therapists of the dog world. Trainers are expected to carry a huge emotional load in the work that they do. While they are experts at working with dogs, trainers are not always supported and taught skills to heal burnout and connect with the humans.

These programs exist at the intersection of dog training, dog ownership, and mental health. 

You simply won't find anything else like Handlers & Humans in the dog world.

You love dogs.

Don't forget to love yourself.

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