Dog Training... Human Centered

Handlers & Humans teaches canine professionals the same evidence-based theories and techniques that therapists use to build rapport and engagement with their clients, while healing burnout and maintaining a healthy mindset throughout their careers.

Trainers are truly the therapists of the dog world, and it's time to start acting like it.

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Group Programs

Next "Person-Centered Dog Training" virtual program starts in Fall 2023! 6 weeks to transform the human element of your training.

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Individual Support

Solo session packages available to focus on deep work to transform your mindset, business, and training.



H&H is available to offer 1 or 2 day seminars on "Person-Centered Dog Training" to canine professionals, both virtually or in person.


Client-Focused Skills

Every dog trainer knows that clients are usually bringing much more than just their dogs to training - especially when there are challenging behaviors involved.

Canine professionals are expected to hold the emotions and needs of their human clients, and the well-being of their dogs, all at the same time. 

 But carrying so many things at once can truly get heavy. That’s where Handlers & Humans comes in. 

Handlers & Humans coaching programs teach dog trainers how to engage owners, manage client emotions, and create trust and buy-in for the training process... the same way that therapists do for therapy!

In coaching, trainers learn how to infuse the core concepts of counseling into a training approach, understand stages of change and working through "stuck" points, how to set and manage reasonable expectations, deal with difficult clients, and so much more.

Trainer Wellness Tools

Trainers are helping professionals, just like therapists. But unlike those of us in the mental health world, dog trainers are simply not supported in learning how to truly take care of themselves, set healthy boundaries, or prevent burnout.

That needs to change.

Humans and dogs NEED you to be well. Your clients need you to heal, and to show up authentically in your work.

Trainers are truly the therapists of the dog world, and it's time we started treating them as such. 

Handlers & Humans coaching programs teach dog trainers the same skills that therapists learn in school, because helping professionals all experience the same things when working with other humans! 

Examples include how to heal and prevent burnout, approach difficult conversations with clients, maintaining healthy limits, how to work through the challenging emotions that clients can bring up, building a sustainable business that is in line with values, and so much more. 

Transform Your Training

Canine professionals deserve support. If you're ready to address the human side of dog training, book a free consult call today.

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